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Fundraising Calendar

If you want to purchase a ticket for any of the below fundraising efforts you can do so by contacting Taurz Rehua-Yates on 027 367 1812 or by going to our fundraising Facebook page.

Young Skater Relaxing

Lotto Drop

Saturday 3 September, 2022 at 8pm on Channel 1

​Our first fundraiser to help kick start our fundraising efforts is a quick lotto drop this will be drawn on Saturday 3 September through the Lotto Draw televised on channel 1, at 8pm.  There is a limit of 40 tickets at $100 each​.  We will have 6 cash prizes to be won so get in quick.

Batons Up!

Saturday 1 October, 2022 at 3:00pm, Venue TBC

Our second fundraising initiative will be a batons up!  This will be drawn Saturday 1 October, 2022, venue TBC.  Below is a breakdown on price of tickets, prizes and amount of tickets​

  • $100 Ticket

  • Drawn Saturday 1 October 2022

  • 200 tickets for purchase

  • We have over 70+ prizes to be won

woman and skateboard


Date TBC Venue TBC

Come along to our banquet night where you will enjoy a 5 course meal and a complimentary drink of your choose.  We will have live entertainment and showcase some of our local talent.  Tickets can be purchased through our fundraising page or you can contact Taurz Rehua-Yates

Touch Tournament

Saturday 26 November, 2022 & Te Awamutu Sports

Registration are now open for our one day touch tournament.  You can register your team filling out our registration form.  When registration is confirmed we will send confirmation to your team manager.

Register now!

Classic Skateboard


Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 November, 2022 at 1:00pm, Venue TBC

During the carnival we will be selling hangi.  You can pre-purchase these through our fundraising page or by contacting Taurz Rehua-Yates

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