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Touch Tournament Rules & Conditions
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Please read all the tournament rules and conditions carefully and fill in the online registration form accurately.


Our Te Paparoa Skate Park Committee will he hosting a one day mixed touch tournament at Te Awamutu Sports on the Saturday 26 November 2022, tournament will commence at 9am sharp.  The competition will have two grades, Social Mixed and Open Mixed.


Social & Open Grade:                                There must be a minimum of two females on the field at

                                                all times, unless this is not possible, whereby both teams

must match up fairly. Two points are awarded for each female try.


Te Paparoa committee have set the following fees and conditions for entry:


Social Mixed Grades:  $100                      Prize money & spot prizes

Open Mixed Grades:  $100                      Prize money & spot prizes


Prize giving will commence 10 minutes after the final round has been played


Fees will also include:

  • Touch Balls

  • Equipment

  • Field line marking


All teams must nominate at least one team member as a referee. Failure to perform refereeing duties when requested may result in forfeiture of points.


The referee must hand game results for games, signed by both team captains, into the timekeeper at the end of the game.  Each field will be allocated a touch ball and must be given back to the time keeper with the score card.



Players are not to participate in any match while wearing articles which might be dangerous. Long sharp fingernails are to be trimmed or taped.


Shoes must be worn. No spikes, screw in metal studs, or cleats.



As a minimum, all teams must wear tops of a similar colour. Player numbers on uniforms are optional but would be an advantage.



Duration of matches will be 20 minutes each way (unless otherwise specified).

Drop offs will occur in semifinals and finals only.


COMPETITION POINTS- Win 3 points, bye 3 points, defaulted to 3 points, draw 2 points, loss 1 point, default 0 points. In the event of a default the team accorded the win will receive a 5-0 result.


If at the completion of competition, round robin or section play, more than one team are on even competition points a “who beat who” decision will determine placings.  Where the “who beat who” approach will not produce a result, a points differential formula will be applied where points for will be divided by points against to produce the ratio.  If this does not produce a result the “toss of a coin” will determine the outcome.



Any disciplinary matters will be heard by the committee and where practicable the referee and player/s involved will be invited to give evidence.  If the matter cannot be resolved those involved will be asked to leave the premises.



A team can lodge a protest with the organizers over a match in which their team participated. The protest can relate

to team registration, a decision of an administrative nature. Protest in relation to a specific refereeing decision in general play will not be considered.

Any protest must be lodged immediately after the match in question and within 30 minutes of the completion of the game or notice of finding of the Committee. Protests will be heard and considered by an appropriate committee of the organizing committee. Where practicable, the referee and representatives of the two teams involved will have opportunity to be heard. The committee will make appropriate ruling and notify the person within 1 hour of the meeting.



Appeals must be lodged within 30 minutes of being notified of any decisions by a tournament disciplinary or protest committee. Representatives of the organizing committee, referees and the person or team lodging the appeal may be required to give evidence.


The appeal committee will make appropriate ruling.





All Teams will need to have paid in full by Friday 18 November 2022, teams that fail to do so may be withdrawn from the tournament at the committee’s discretion. Please communicate with committee, should you require payment arrangement.



We are limited to 18 Social Mixed Teams & 18 Open Mixed Teams. If too many entries are received, first teams in and paid up that provide a referee will get preference. There will be no refunds.


How to register your team:

You can register your team by going onto our website and filling in our online form




Current Touch New Zealand playing rules apply unless specifically altered in this document. 


Players must register and play in one team only each game.  No exceptions.


Teams must register at least six players and may register up to 14 players for Open Mixed (Adults), and up to 14 players for our Social Mixed (Adults and or Children).  All team members must be registered on an official form.  Any personnel changes during the tournament must be cleared with the organizers.


Subject to the discretion of the committee no players may be added to or changed on the registration forms.


The penalty for a team playing unregistered or ineligible players is forfeiture of all points scored in games in which the offence took place. The non-offending team will be awarded the game 5-0 or retain the points scored, whichever is the greater. You will have to provide names of who you think the unregistered players are, please refer to the disciplinary and appeal rules as these will be the steps taken.

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